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Kamis, 02 Februari 2017

Ora Beach, Maluku: A Seashore of Solitude

A trip to Pantai Ora is a suitable getaway from all the frantic a city life has to offer.  Evidently due to the poor signal reception, but if you’re using Telkomsel as a provider you may occasionally get lucky when placed at the right spot. So for Nomophobics, this would be your trip for rehabilitation.
Pantai Ora or Ora Beach is a secluded beach within the outskirts of Pulau Seram, Maluku. It is well acknowledged as the “Maldives” of Indonesia. Obviously, because of the “Above the Water” resort.

Exhibit 1. Ora Beach Eco Resort

From Jakarta, it takes approximately 4hours by air, 2hours by sea and another 2.5hours by land; but every hassle was worth the view! Otherwise, you may opt to stop by Ambon overnight to save your energy and proceed the following day trip to Ora Beach. Indeed my short stop in Ambon was also enjoyable!

Ambon, the capital of Maluku is the biggest city in the island and was contested during the colonial area between Spain, Dutch and Portugal. Surrounded by sea, the locals mostly work as fisherman and sailors. So take the time to try their local seafood delicacies. One of the recommended restaurant is Rumah Makan Sari Gurih; endulge yourself with a grilled or steam seafood with their signature Colo Colo condiment or with sago porridge which is locally known as Papeda. You’d be surprise of how much cheaper the food were compare to prices in Jakarta.

Exhibit 2. RM Sari Gurih

Natsepa Beach in the afternoon is also a nice place just to relax, drink fresh coconut water while enjoying the sea breeze. But if you’re in dire need of your daily caffeine dose, you may instead visit its local coffee house Rumah Kopi Sibu Sibu to enjoy its local signature coffees.
Their signatures are known as Kopi Sibu Sibu and Kopi Rarobang which are coffees served with ginger, spices, milk and often almonds. The coffee house has its music corner where locals can impetuously come up and sing.

Ambonese musical talent is without a doubt, so imagine yourself enjoying your coffee serenaded by musicians such as Glenn Fredly, Barry Likumahuwa, and Andre Hehanusa. The perks of drinking coffee in a musical city!

Exhibit 3. Natsepa Beach

Reaching Ambon is possible by taking a direct flight from Jakarta. Next you will need to take a huge ferry ride that fits up to 500 people from Ambon to Amahai Port in Seram. For those less experienced to take long trip by sea, it is strongly advisable not to forget to bring Antimo or other nausea treatments.
Onwards you will need to take another 2.5hours car ride through scenic forestry routes to take you (finally) to Ora Beach. 

Exhibit 4. The Vessel from Ambon to Seram

Ora Beach Eco Resort offers packages ranging on how many days and nights you get to stay. They provide both offshore and onshore cottages, known as the Water Cottage and the Beach Cottage respectively. During busy season the offshore cottages are usually fully booked. Although you may also stay at the onshore cottages, the Ocean Resort overlooking both the sea and mountains is of course preferable. 

When you depart for Ora bear in mind that you have left your routines back in the city for a humbled trip, so be prepared not having any hot water to shower and no AC to keep you cool during the day. It is advisable that you bring mosquito repellants to use during night time. 

The water beneath the cottage was crystal clear; fishes, urchins and corals were effortlessly visible by naked eyes. You may be tempted to jump off, but it is imperative for you to be aware of your surroundings. To injure yourself by bumping into nearby sea urchins is the last thing you need to enjoy this peaceful resort. They were everywhere in sight!

Exhibit 4. View from the Sea Resort

Staying for 4D3N although has sufficed my long for a peace of mind, still leaves me with places unexplored. The basic package comes with 3 nearby snorkeling spots and a trip to the famous Air Mata Belanda. The resort provides 4 meals a day, but you may visit a nearby shack to buy fresh fishes and lobsters to have for dinner. Of course there will be extra charges for the fuel, seafood as well as the cooking fee.

The following day you may go for cruising along Salawai Rivers which is known to be filled with crocodiles, explore nearby bat cave or go for other snorkeling trip such as to Pulau Tujuh. Depending on the packages you’ve booked, additional charges may apply for these extra trips.
Pulau Tujuh is a definite breathtaker! It takes about 60-70minutes by speed boat to get there but if you’re lucky you may also cross dolphins on your way. The scenery both above and under water was ineffable.

Exhibit 5&6. Pulau Tujuh

If you’re not into swimming, its okay! Bringing a book along is a good alternative to spend your time here. Good news for Nomophobics opting for a trip to Pulau Tujuh. A BTS is located nearby at the other end of Pulau Seram, so this would be the right time to grab your phones and upload as many pictures as you like. Maybe also to text your loved ones and letting them know you’re well, alive, and very much at ease.

Ora Beach may be considered as a good reset button before heading back to our daily routines. It was enjoyable partly as the facilities were also well taken care of.. So should you decide to come over, please take care of your disposals so that future visitors may share your pleasant experience. Enjoy!

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